Limited Edition Damilola Maxi Dress

When you wear the Damilola dress, you're not just stepping out; you're stepping up to a world of admiring glances and the delightful question, "Where can I get one?"

Meet the Limited Edition Damilola Maxi Dress, a statement-making dress that not only turns heads with its vivid bright pink hue but also celebrates the essence of individual style. 

Each dress is a labour of love, inspired by the oversized sophistication of Scandinavian and Japanese designs. It is as versatile as it is stylish. With the Damilola Maxi Dress, chic meets comfort, with a flattering fit for all body shapes and perfect for life's ever-changing tapestry.

Our seamstress, Helen, based in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, made this dress. Helen dedicates herself to the art of dressmaking. Her careful hand-cutting and sewing means your Damilola Maxi Dress is unique.


  •  Luxurious 100% midweight cotton
  • A vintage style high-frilled collar
  •  A practical half-placket button front
  • Drop shoulders
  • An oversized cut for ultimate comfort and style
  • Practical pockets


To maintain the Damilola Maxi Dress's beauty and integrity, we recommend a cold handwash. This careful approach to care is also compatible with modern washing machines equipped with a handwash setting, ensuring that your dress remains pristine and vibrant wear after wear.


The Limited Edition Damilola Maxi Dress comes in a flattering, oversized shape that is timeless. Available in one size, it comfortably accommodates UK sizes 10 to 16. Designed with ample room, this dress ensures ease of movement and all-day comfort. Ideal for layering with bodysuits in the winter, it's a versatile piece for every season.

Worn by:

Hannah is 5'5", with a bust of 34" and a waist of 29", and wears one size.

Assan is 5'11", her waist is 28", and her chest is 34". She wears one size.

Length: Approximately 54"

Chest: Spacious 48"

For a great fit, please measure your body with a tape measure before ordering. Choose a size where your measurements are below the measurements listed on our site.



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