Kemi Telford was created by Yvonne Modupe Telford in 2017. Yvonne was born and raised in Kano, Nigeria and she arrived in England in 1996. Her journey into the fashion business started when she started blogging and people kept asking her, “Where did you get that outfit?” Like many Nigerians, her clothes were hand-tailored one-offs. Despite having no formal training in the fashion industry, Yvonne decided to create two skirts using bold wax prints that she grew up seeing women in Nigeria wear.

After her first child started school, Yvonne felt it was time she followed her childhood dream of owning a shop that sold fabulous clothes to women. Clothes that would make women feel great about themselves. Clothes that would encourage women to take up their space and also be everyday wearable clothes that spoke for women even before they spoke for themselves.

From the very beginning, the core focus of Kemi Telford has always been on the people involved from the manufacturers to the staff, to the customers. The aim of Kemi Telford is to make sure that everyone who the brand meets are seen and acknowledged. Yvonne feels if people are seen and acknowledged then every other important thing will fall into place. She strongly believes that we must put people first.

Kemi Telford has grown, thanks to word of mouth from the loyal and supportive community of women who love what Kemi Telford represents. The business keeps evolving and is now known as ‘the brand that cares about its people.’ Yvonne’s husband and daughters help with the business, you will find them in the warehouse packing up orders.

Contact information

WhatsApp: +44 7543523945