Who do I create clothes for?

I design contemporary clothing for beautiful, confident, and independent women who love to make a statement wherever they go. I believe in bold colours and voluminous silhouettes that empower women to occupy their rightful space stylishly. Each piece is a classic, designed to stand the test of time and help you stand out.

About Me

At the heart of Kemi Telford is my story of passion and purpose. My name is Yvonne Modupe Telford, and in 2017, I founded the vibrant and empowering world of Kemi Telford. I was born in Kano, Nigeria; I came to England in 1996 to pursue law studies. After my studies, I worked as a credit risk analyst at a pharmaceutical company. I am a mother to two amazing girls and married to John. Our family resides in the vibrant landscape of South London.

Kemi Telford wasn't born from a calculated business plan but rather from a simple question often posed to me on Instagram: "Where did you get that outfit?" However, early in my life, the seed for entrepreneurship was sown in me by my mother, who had a thriving business in Sabon-Gari, Kano. My childhood dream was to design and sell stunning clothing to women, a dream realised through the power of the internet.

I started my journey by blogging. After a year, I monetised the blog by designing and selling tote bags. From there, I started designing and selling t-shirts and necklaces. To move into the fashion space, I connected with Molly, a budding entrepreneur in China who became my first manufacturing partner. I now consider Molly as a friend as we have grown so close. Today, I collaborate with skilled artisans in Nigeria and trusted manufacturers in India.

Central to my ethos is a people-centric approach. I strive to make everyone involved in Kemi Telford, from manufacturers to staff and customers, feel valued and appreciated. Through initiatives like sponsoring children's education in Nigeria and supporting local community endeavours, I aim to make a positive impact beyond fashion.

Every garment reflects my creativity and vision. I only create what I'd wear. I prioritise quality over quantity, offering timeless pieces that transcend trends. Each design undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure perfection before production.

While I'm honoured by the recognition from prestigious fashion publications like Vogue, ELLE, Grazia, and Harper's Bazaar, my true measure of success lies in my contribution to a better world. I'm committed to minimising my environmental footprint and promoting sustainable, ethical practices throughout my production process.

Thanks to word of mouth from the loyal and supportive community of women who love what Kemi Telford represents, Kemi Telford has grown. The business keeps evolving and is now known as 'the brand that cares about its people.' My husband and daughters help me with the company; sometimes, you find them in the warehouse packing orders.

When you choose a Kemi Telford outfit, you're not just choosing clothes; you're making a statement of community, creativity, and sustainability.
Join me on this journey and experience fashion that looks good and feels good.
Thank you for being part of my loyal and supportive community. Together, we're redefining what it means to care—both for fashion and one another.

Contact information

Email: help@kemitelford.com
WhatsApp: +44 7543523945