My Story

Welcome to Kemi Telford, where every stitch tells a story. I create more than clothes; I design pieces that embody empowerment and boldness. Each collection celebrates you, the amazing woman, with lively colours and flowing designs that celebrate your brilliance.


I design with one goal: to fill your days with extraordinary beauty. My pieces are like whispers of encouragement, empowering you to claim your space with grace and strength. Wearing Kemi Telford means receiving constant compliments and recognising the depth of your spirit and beauty.


Step into clothing that celebrates your unique essence. At Kemi Telford, I invite you to wear your confidence as boldly as the pieces I create, letting the world see the wonder of you taking up space—unapologetically, joyfully, and remarkably.



The Origin: A Spark on Social Media

Kemi Telford wasn't born from a calculated business plan but rather from a simple question often posed to me on Instagram: "Where did you get that outfit?" However, early in my life, the seed for entrepreneurship was sown by my mother, who had a thriving business in Sabon-Gari, Kano. My childhood dream was to design and sell stunning clothing to women, a dream realised through the power of the internet.



The Journey Begins: From Blogging to Business

My entrepreneurial journey began with a blog—a platform where my musings and style found a voice. This digital space quickly blossomed into a shopfront when I started designing and selling tote bags. My creative aspirations grew, leading to the design of t-shirts and necklaces, each a celebration of femininity and form. The leap into fashion came when I connected with Molly, an entrepreneur in China who became my first manufacturing partner. Our bond grew into friendship as we navigated the world of fashion together.


The Ethos: People at the Heart

At the heart of Kemi Telford is a philosophy centred around people. From our skilled artisans in Nigeria to our trusted manufacturers in India and everyone in between, we nurture a culture of appreciation and respect. My efforts extend beyond fashion, as I sponsor children's education in Nigeria and support local community projects. Through these initiatives, I aim for a positive impact that transcends the beauty of our garments.



The Craft: Creativity Meets Conscience

Every design has a piece of my soul—a reflection of my personal style. I'm committed to quality, offering timeless pieces that outlast trends. Each design undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure perfection.



The Recognition and the Responsibility

 It is an honour to be recognised by esteemed fashion publications such as Vogue, ELLE, Grazia, and Harper's Bazaar. Yet, my true measure of success is defined by the positive change I can bring about. I am devoted to reducing our environmental impact and upholding sustainable, ethical practices in all we do.



The Growth: A Brand That Cares

The support from our community has helped Kemi Telford grow into a brand known for its heart. As we evolve, my family is right here with me. You might even see them in the warehouse, carefully packing your orders with love.


The Invitation: Fashion with Heart

Choosing Kemi Telford is a declaration of shared values—community, creativity, and sustainability. I invite you to join us on this journey and experience fashion that not only looks good but also feels good to your soul.


A Grateful Acknowledgment

I extend my deepest thanks to you, our loyal supporters. Together, we're crafting more than fashion; we're shaping a legacy of care—for the clothes we wear and the world we share.

Contact information

WhatsApp: +44 7543523945