Limited Edition Kendell Vintage Mix Midi Dress

Discover the story behind our exclusive dress, a true reflection of Yvonne's admiration for the effortless styles of Scandinavia and Japan. Handmade in Lagos, Nigeria, each dress embodies bespoke craftsmanship and a distinctive touch.

Yvonne's passion is evident in every detail of this dress, combining comfort with high-fashion flair. Made from premium vintage cotton sourced in Topsham, England, it radiates timeless sophistication. The vintage-style high-frilled collar, voluminous sleeves, and a half-placket button front add a unique charm.

This dress celebrates individuality, featuring a voluminous skirt, drop-shoulder, and oversized silhouette. Our skilled seamstress creates each piece in limited quantities, ensuring exclusivity and attention to detail.
Step into the allure of a bygone era with the vintage-inspired fabric while enjoying modern comfort.

Uncover the story behind its creation, a fusion of cultures and inspirations. Read more about it in our blog, and embrace your distinctive style with this one-of-a-kind dress.

  • Voluminous skirt
  • Vintage style high-frilled collar
  • Half-placket button front
  • Big shoulder with statement sleeves
  • Oversized

    Have you measured yourself correctly?

    Our sizes are different from high-street stores. Please measure yourself with a tape measure before ordering. Our measurements refer to the size of our clothes, so you should check that your measurements are less for a good fit.   

    One size.

    Eleanor is 5.5" tall. Waist 26 and bust 30". She is wearing.

    Riketté is wearing Size . Waist 32", Chest 38" and she is 5.7

    India is 5'6" tall, chest 34" and waist 28".

    The dress length is approximately 50", and the chest is 46".


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