Welcome to Kemi Telford. We are well known for our fabulous skirts. If this is your first time here and you are thinking of buying one of our skirts, here is the lowdown on the different skirt shapes that we sell. Hopefully, this will help you pick the right skirt for your body shape. Here we go.

Before we start, I should let you know that most of our skirts are one size but they come in different lengths. Our skirts have an elasticated waist and are mostly 28” around the waist but when extended, they can stretch up to approximately 50”.

Some skirts require you to measure your waist and hips - these are Vintage style skirts. Please take the time to do this as it will help you pick the right size.

8 Panel Skirt

These are our most popular skirts. They are absolutely beautiful and fit most body shapes. The fabrics of these skirts have been cut into 8 panels and then sewn together. They usually come in 40”, 38”, 35”, 33” and 28" lengths. They have two useable pockets, belt loops and matching belts.

These skirts are voluminous. If you like the print of an 8 panel skirt, but are concerned about the volume, why not go for one of our 2 panel skirts?

We also have the 8 Panel Hipster skirts aimed at plus size women.

Bulky Cut

Bulky cut skirt

This style of skirt is gathered just like the 8 panel skirt but it has no panels. Just like the eight panel skirt, they come in various lengths. 

2 Panel Skirt

These skirts are less voluminous than the 8 panel skirts. Just like the 8-panel skirt, this style is designed to look oversized and not be clingy. They have two useable pockets, belt loops and matching belts.

Drawstring Skirt

Our drawstring skirts are designed to be comfy and casual. They have an oversized Japanese style to them. Our drawstring skirts have two useable side pockets. They come in 35”, 38” and 28” lengths.

A-Line 1940s Vintage Style Skirt

This style of skirt is the only skirt we have that requires you to measure yourself. The skirt falls just below the knee in an A-line shape. They have two useable pockets and attached belts.

Now, have a look at the lengths we stock.

25" Skirt

28" Skirt

30" Skirt

35" Skirt

40" Skirt

Other Skirt Shapes

The above shape is usually made from a luxurious 100% Poly Crepe de Chine or chiffon. It is always one size. You will find this skirt in different lenghts.