At Kemi Telford, we want your jewellery looking as polished as the day it was purchased. Caring for your jewellery is important.

Our jewellery is made of stainless steel. The great thing about stainless steel is that it does not corrode or rust. Although it is very durable, the finish on our jewellery can sometimes become scratched or stained. This is why you should follow some simple rules to keep it in good condition.

Rule of Thumb in Caring for ALL Jewellery

To prevent your metals from scratching and tarnishing, keep your jewellery in individual boxes or soft pouches and store these in a cool, dry place.

As most metals will see surface damage when in contact with chlorinated water – it’s best to remove all jewellery when in the swimming pool. Titanium is the exception to this rule as it’s resistant to chlorine.

Keep all of your metal and gemstones well away from domestic cleaning products and avoid contact with things like perfume and hairspray.

Stainless Steel

Keep stainless steel separately from other jewellery as its hardness can cause damage to other precious metals. Despite its strength, stainless steel is not indestructible so avoid wearing it for manual work or sports. To maintain its wonderful shine, it can be polished with a soft cloth and mild detergent or toothpaste can be used for stubborn dirt. Avoid contact with water and when polishing, clean along the grain of the metal.

Yellow & Rose Gold Care

Yellow and rose gold should be kept in separate boxes or soft pouches to keep it from scratching. Avoid contact with soap, as it can give gold jewellery a dull appearance. This can be easily rectified by polishing with a specialist jewellery spray and a soft cloth.