Kemi Telford Cotton Belts

Hand-made in Nigeria by our seamstress. Our 100% cotton printed belts add a flattering waist-defining look to your outfit. All you have to do is wrap it up and get a perfect finishing to your dress, skirts, trousers, and shirts.

The Chidi belts are 100% waxed cotton.

The Adire belts are hand-dyed by artisan women in Abeokuta, Nigeria.

Please note that some of these fabrics are structured and some are not.


Consider the Earth first, wash only as needed. Gentle hand wash with like colours. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron.


One size.

Width of widest part 4" -5" (approximate).

Length 108" (approximate).


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Color: Adire Brick Orange

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Dahlia ChanTang
LOVE these belts

There's nothing not to love about these cotton belts: from the bright and cheerful patterns, to the width and length, these belts are super versatile. They are long enough to wrap twice around most waists, they can be tied into a neat bow, a nonchalant half bow, a double knot with a long tail, or some other fancy iteration.
They're a bit on the stiff side before their first wash, which is great for cinching in a food baby ;). Once they've been washed a few times, the belts become even more versatile: they become soft enough to wear as a head band - folded lengthwise across its widest part, then wrapped around your head a few times, throw a twist here and there. More adept people than myself will probably find even more ways to wear these belts.