Hello, beautiful community! It's Yvonne here, the heart and soul behind Kemi Telford. Today, I want to share a little story with you about our origins, identity, and the beautiful journey that led to the birth of our brand name. It's a tale woven from my Nigerian heritage and tied intimately to who I am today.

The Essence of a Name

On the seventh day after my birth, my Nigerian parents blessed me with the name Modupe Oluwakemi Sunpo Ogunbe. Each element of my name holds a deep significance, reflecting gratitude, blessings, and the expectation of greatness. As I grew and ventured into a world rich in culture and meaning, these names remained a core part of my identity.

Crafting a Brand Identity

When the time came to name my brand, I knew I wanted something that resonated with me personally and something unique, easy to remember, and imbued with significance. The challenge was to find a name that encapsulated all these elements while ensuring it stood out in a global marketplace.

I delved into the roots of my given names and found my inspiration in 'Oluwakemi,' which means 'God cherishes me.' From this beautiful expression, I extracted 'Kemi'—a short, sweet, and memorable name. To honour my journey and the life I've built, I combined it with my marital name, Telford, creating a fusion that speaks to my heritage and present.


Why Kemi Telford?

Kemi Telford represents more than just a brand; it reflects personal and collective stories. It symbolises the strength and creativity that emerge when different cultures and experiences meld. The name 'Kemi Telford' stands out because it is unique in Google's vast expanse and carries a narrative of love, identity, and empowerment.

Each piece we create at Kemi Telford is infused with this spirit—designed not only to look spectacular but to make you feel truly cherished, just as the name 'Kemi' implies. Our brand celebrates where I come from and where we, as a community of strong, bold women, are going.

Join Our Journey

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey. Every comment, every share, and every purchase makes you a part of the Kemi Telford story. We are here because of the love and support you continue to show us, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Let's continue to celebrate our roots and soar to new heights together. Here's to more stories, laughter, and moments of triumph.

With all my love,

Yvonne Telford

Yvonne Telford