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Tiwa Royal Purple Dress


This is the Kemi Telford Made in Nigeria Collection. Every item here is created by a local tailor in Abuja, Nigeria. The tailors are brought together to make items for our brand by Lanre (Yvonne’s sister) who lives in Abuja.  Each item is made from start to finish by a single craftsperson. Due to these being handmade items, there is slight variability from item to item. But we think that this uniqueness makes them even more special. This dress has a high mandarin collar and ruffles button up the front elbow, bellowing angel statement sleeves, and an extra tier at the bottom of the dress for a little bit of volume. Wear it loose or clinch at the waist. 

• Wide Belt
• Pockets.

Hand-made in Lagos, Nigeria.

This dress is made from resist-dyed 100% Adire Guinea Brocade cotton. Each piece of material is hand-dyed by women artisans in Abeokuta, Nigeria. They use traditional skills, which in most cases have been passed down to them through many generations of their family. Their craftswomanship means that each piece is unique.

Each dress is unique - you might notice slight irregularities or differences in the colour of the garment as a result of our production processes.

Color: Green

Material: Adire (Slightly starched)


To ensure this beautiful dress fits you perfectly, please do not guess your size. Before ordering, It is important you measure your chest. If you are still unsure, please email us for advice. Yvonne is chest 34, waist 29, and  5.6” tall. Our sizes are based on measurements of the garments. Please bear in mind that the fabric is not stretchy.

One Size

Chest 50”

Length 53”