Rhombus Napkins


Our 100% cotton Rhombus Napkins are beautiful and joyful. These napkins are the perfect addition to your dining table to jazz it up.

Hand-dyed in Abeokuta, Nigeria.

Comes in a set of 6.


These napkins are made from resist-dyed 100% Adire cotton. Each piece of material is hand-dyed by women artisans in Abeokuta, Nigeria. They use traditional skills, which in most cases have been passed down to them through many generations of their family. Their craftswomanship means that each piece is unique.

As each napkin is unique, you might notice slight irregularities or differences in the colour of the garment as a result of our production processes.

Coldwater wash. Warm iron. Do not tumble dry. These napkins are hand-dyed and may vary in colour.


18" x 18"