Kemi Telford

Hibiscus Oversized Wax Kimono

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Our Hibiscus oversized Kimono is nothing but gorgeous. It is a statement piece. Dress it up for night outs or dress it down for a day out in the city. Either way, you’ll be making a statement with this bold style.

Measurements for size

One Size ( M - XL) won't recommend for smaller frames as they come really big!

Length 47”

Body size 33” (pit to pit)

  • Item Handmade in Surrey, UK.
  • 100% Guaranteed Real Dutch Wax Block Print

 Please note that this wax fabric – feels a little stiff. The stiffness comes from the combination of the waxy coating and the fact that the fabrics are generally 100% cotton, which tends to be stiffer than a lot of other fabrics even with the application of a dye-resist product such as wax.

Be rest assured that your Kimono will soften over time with washing. This fabric has now been washed for you to soften the stiffness. However, if still feel the cotton is still a bit stiff there are some tricks you can try.  For tips, Click Here

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