Chidi Blue flower Smocked Dress


The Chidi Blue flower Smocked Dress is made from Real Wax Block Print.  This premium quality cotton is a natural, high-end fabric. It is made with top grade 100% cotton yarn, spun at a high density, and then tightly woven for a resilient fabric that feels lovely against your skin. 

Smocked ankle-length dress with tie at the back. This dress is made from 100% Cotton Real Wax Fabric. 

  • Tie at the back

  • Fitted top

  • 100% cotton

  • Pockets
  • It comes in 4 sizes.

To ensure this beautiful item fits you perfectly, please do not guess your size. Before ordering, It is important you measure your waist, chest size, and height. If you are still unsure, please email us for advice. Yvonne is wearing a medium. She is 5'6" tall.

Our sizes are based on measurements of the garments. Please bear in mind that the fabric is not stretchy but the smocked part is.

SIZES (Inches)






30 Inches

32 Inches

34 Inches

36 Inches




33 Inches

36 Inches



49.5 Inches

50 Inches

50 Inches


 Yvonne is wearing a medium. She is 5'6" tall.

Limited program at 40°C