Ayaba Gold Statement Skirt


A new addition to our range: a voluminous silhouette in gold cloque. The Ayaba Skirt is a romantic piece that features a wide elasticated waistband. 

Slip-on with full elasticated waist. Snug waist. Length 35", so it extends below the knee. Includes pockets and is fully lined. It also includes a matching belt.

The Ayaba Skirt in both colours  are VERY voluminous (if the volume is not your vibe, this is not for you) 

Have you measured yourself correctly?

Our sizes are different from high-street stores. Please measure yourself with a tape measure before ordering. Our measurements refer to the size of our clothes, so for a good fit, you should check that your measurements are less. 

Judith is 5'10" tall. Her bust is 30½" and her waist 23".

One size fits most.

Full length 35"

Relaxed waist 30”

Extended waist 40"

Belt width 1.8 x 74"

100% polyester (Please note that the care label on the skirt claims it is 100% cotton. This is an error during manufacturing. 

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