About Yvonne

Hello, my name is Yvonne Telford and I am the founder of Kemi Telford.

At Kemi Telford we create beautiful and exceptional accessories with great slogans that are fun, purposeful and empowering. Our aim is to create stunning products that celebrate motherhood and womanhood.

Our story started in 2015 when I created a parenting blog called Kemi Telford. The blog shares my highs and my lows as a full-time mother of two girls. In 2016, I took Kemi Telford a step further by teaching myself graphic design, and producing our first twenty bags - which quickly sold out. That encouraged me to design more products, and I have never looked back.

With the support of my husband, my two daughters and the lovely people out there buying our products, it has been an amazing journey for Kemi Telford Store. Thank you!

Before your order is dispatched, every item is personally quality checked by me.

With Love, 

Yvonne xxx