At Kemi Telford, we're more than just a small fashion company based in South London. We're a community of passionate individuals inspired by the world around us.

Every item we sell reflects our founder, Yvonne, 's creativity and vision. From the fabric designs to the hand-picked materials, we ensure that every detail is carefully considered before production. We work exclusively with a small number of manufacturers, who share our values and ethos, ensuring that our impact on their local communities is positive and sustainable.

Our clothes are not only unique and exclusive but they're also made with care from high-quality materials that are meant to last for years. We're not fast fashion; we're timeless fashion. Yvonne personally checks each pre-production sample, ensuring that every design is made to perfection.

We're thrilled to have been recognized by renowned fashion writers such as Vogue, ELLE, Grazia, and Harper's Bazaar. But for us, it's not just about the accolades; it's about positively impacting the world. We're committed to minimizing our environmental impact and ensuring our production process is sustainable and ethical.

So when you wear a Kemi Telford outfit, you're not just wearing clothes; you're wearing a statement. A statement of community, creativity, and sustainability. Join us on this journey and experience fashion that looks good and feels good.

Contact information

WhatsApp: +44 7543523945