Cells White Shirt


This beautiful shirt is made from 'deadstock' fabrics. Deadstock are fabrics that have been overproduced or even leftover by a big brand. This handloom cotton fabric is absolutely beautiful. This background of this fabric is white. This fabric is not perfect ( hence the price) but still enjoyable. 

Why not match your shirt with a skirt made of the same fabric? 

Yvonne is a size 10-12 in high street clothes. She is 5.6".


100% handloom Cotton

Washing Instructions

Handwash in cold water.

Sizing; One size

 Due to the method used in printing this fabric, every skirt is unique. Sometimes, You may see some slight variations in the colour (or coloured dye in white areas and vice versa) this is entirely normal for this fabric. This is NOT a fault.