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'Unashamed' Pendant Necklace

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Our ‘Unashamed’ necklace is a very special affirmation pendant. The word unashamed is powerful. At KemiKids we believe that an unashamed woman can never be shamed.

We commissioned this necklace for all women. However, we particularly had in mind those women who want to rebel against the pressure to feel shame. This could be in the form of body shaming or the feeling of not been good enough. It could even be the struggle to move away from a murky past.

These two quotes will give you an indication of what we had in mind when we commissioned our ‘Unashamed’ necklace.

“My parents were free about nudity, and we are too. I’d like our children to feel unashamed of whatever shape they are. People should worry about other things." - Heidi Klum

“Your dirty past somehow puts GOD's grace on blast; it amplifies the great grace of GOD over your life.” ― TemitOpe Ibrahim


Silver plated Stainless Steel

Pendant Width: 

Approx. 60mm at the widest point

Pendant Thickness:


Chain Style: 

Fine Rolo Chain

Chain Length: 

18 inches

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