Why I model my designs.

So, why do I model my own clothes? Why don’t I have a professional photographer taking my photos for my website? To be honest with you, it just happened that way. At the start of this journey, I had to keep costs down. On here, I love showing you how I wear my designs and prints. I can’t remember the last time I did not wear anything from Kemi Telford. About the photographs on my website, my daughters who are 10 and 11 take them for me. Again, it just happened that way.


Doing things my way (against everything the fashion industry claims brings success) has taught my daughters and me so much. It has taught us that some rules set by experts can be broken and things will still work out well. It has taught us that consistency matters when building something. It has taught us that when something is not bringing the desired results, it is okay and sensible to drop it; it is not a failure. My daughters and I have acquired incredible skills which mean we understand this business.

Okay, enough of my musing. Have a wonderful and wear your crown. Yvonne x



August 20, 2019 — Yvonne Telford