Silver Shoes, fur coat and confidence

This was me doing the school run this afternoon in silver shoes and my fabulous pimp fur coat.
Do you know that when my mother-in-law initially gave me this coat (her late husband bought it for her in the 70s) I did not have the confidence to wear it? I felt it was too loud and dramatic.
A month after she gave it to me, I remember wearing it out (and feeling rather uncomfortable) going back home to change into a more conservative coat. I felt people were staring and wondering, “What the hell is she wearing? Who does she think she is? Diana Ross?”

Fast forward to today, because I now recognise who I am and whose I am, I just don’t give a flying pig what people think of me. In a nutshell, what I am trying to say to you  is If you are one of those women who still worry about what other women at the school gates (or even your colleagues at the office) are saying or thinking about you, you have to seriously ask yourself why are you so bothered about their thoughts or opinions. Or even their chatters.
In Nigeria, there is a saying that goes, “Unless you are feeding me or paying my rent, I owe you absolutely nothing.” And that is the way I live my life now. And you should live your life that way as well.