My Life - Yvadney Davis

Yvadney Davis, mother-of -two, founder of Style After Nine, Fashion writer and stylist talks guilty pleasures, the secret of good parenting and how her single mum inspired her.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? Poverty. I hate the fact that they are haves and have-nots in this world.

Describe yourself in three words. Joyful, creative and motivated.

What is precious to you in life? Of course my family and sanity. My faith stitches it all together.

What one thing would you save in a fire? It may sound superficial, but the sequinned Miu Miu shoes my husband gave me as a wedding gift. I can hardly walk in them but they sum up how wonderful he is. He bought them as a surprise. He remembered me cooing over them in Vogue one day. He's never been one to stifle my relationship with fashion, instead, he encourages it

What book are you reading at the moment? I'm ashamed to say, nothing.  I have so many books on my list, but after a busy day with the kids, I find myself falling asleep just as I'm about read one. I'm still in the second chapter of Charles Dicken's Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens since my daughter was born last June.

Guilty Pleasures? Jackie Collins, Amaretto Sours, ice cream, Old school garage, Googlebox and Asos.

What is the best band of all time? You're talking to a self-confessed and proud Jodeci fan here. They were one of the biggest R&B boy bands of the 90s. Jodeci was the gangster version of Boyz II Men who had a squeaky clean image. I loved them so much back then, I had their posters all over my bedroom wall, every album, every lyric and cried over their songs. And I still love them. My husband took me to their concert a few years ago and I shocked him by jumping around and screaming hysterically and welling up at the ballads.

What has being a mother taught you? 'Mother's Intuition' is real. From pregnancy to labour... the new-born days and thereafter. I've developed an ability to make quick decisions based on my gut and heart. This includes embracing childbirth for all the pain and supernatural beauty that it is; keeping my toddler entertained while I breastfeed my baby on the tube, and styling a photo shoot with a newborn in the sling. I don't care what all the parenting books or trends say, I'm doing a good job and I'm the best mummy my kids could ever have.

What’s the coolest thing about you? My honesty. I'm real and my realness comes with the freedom to express myself,  to be interested in things without worrying what others think.

What is the one thing you always keep in your bed? A silk pillowcase. It's good for my skin and good for my hair.

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook all the way. I like how easy it is to connect with friends and family across the world without the word count limits! They are some people I haven't seen in years but I feel like I have, because of their updates and photos. That's a good thing!

What is your favourite fashion trend of all time? That's a tough one, I love the fashion of the 1930s and bonkers 'Clueless' look of my teens, but my favourite trend has got to be 70s funk. I love the afros, flares, miniskirts, dramatic capes, maxi dresses and shimmery makeup. The playful combination of West African prints, psychedelic prints and sharp tailoring was sublime and insanely stylish. Marc Jacobs resurrected it a few years ago and I loved it all over again.

Who is your favourite style icon? My favourite style icon has to be Gwen Stefani; from her No Doubt days to present, I have never seen her in an outfit that I wouldn't love to wear.

What advice would you give your younger self? Youth is a blessing and you only get one shot at it, so go for it! When you're young everything feels like an age, when in fact it all goes super quickly. There's no time to get sidetracked doing things you don't enjoy, dating people who don't make you feel happy, surrounding yourself with people who don't have your back, holding yourself back because you're worried what people may say. Travel, live and love!

What were you like growing up and what were your interests - what/who inspired you? I was a happy child, inquisitive, very creative, and musical, with a huge imagination. I loved art and fashion, read all the time, played the violin and was really into period dramas. It was just me and my single mum growing up. My mum inspired my creativity and my strong political views. I went through a rebellious blip in my teens caused by Jungle music and Gangsta Rap. Apart from that, my teen years were pretty much plain sailing. I knew from a young age I wanted to be a fashion designer, so always had that as a goal to work towards.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Living in a country where palm trees grow.

What do you do to relax? Pilates. It's not relaxing when I do it at home - my son climbs on my back or insists on joining in with me. This makes me laugh and not chilled out.

What is the hardest thing about being a mum? The logistics of doing everything are harder with little people. When they're with you, the dynamic changes for the worst - paying for petrol, supermarket shopping, going to the cinema, going to the toilet...the list goes on. But, this time, is such a small window in our lives and I wouldn't change a thing.

What is the secret of good parenting? Living in the present. I read about a panel of elderly women who were asked about the best period in their life. They all unanimously agreed that it was when their children were little. I totally get that. It's very easy to fall into the trap of looking to the next milestone or wishing challenging seasons away, like waking up in the night, teething and potty training, but then it all goes in a flash. So savour it all.

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