My Life - Sara Telford

Mum of two and Customer Management Business Analyst at Kimberly-Clark, Sara Telford is a mum I respect and love dearly. Not just because we are related (Sara is my sister-in-law) but she is incredibly clever, cool and very likeable. In this Q&A session, she talks to us about favourite things, her childhood, and motherhood.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Put the kettle on for a cup of tea.

What is your daily ritual like? My son wakes me up around 7.30am and I have breakfast with the kids before my husband takes them to school. I get home around 5.30 most nights so we have a few hours family time before the kids go to bed. I am generally wiped out by that time that I just watch TV.

What is your favourite food? Unfortunately… Pasta.

Do you have a pet name for your husband? If yes, what? I call everyone in the house darling. When my son was a toddler, he picked up on this.  So, he went through a phase of calling everyone darling as well which was so weird!

What is the coolest thing about you? I stopped being cool when I had kids. My husband made me sell my motorbike and I swapped my sports car for a Rover 45.

The favourite place you have ever visited? Meribel France, it is the ski resort I spent a winter in when I was 21. I truly love it there.

What is the coolest thing about being a mum? Everything else in life seems easy

What is the one talent you wished you had? How to do small talk. I chose my hairdresser based on being able to have a semi-interesting conversation with him. And it took me years to get comfortable doing the school run.

What is your favourite music of all time? Don’t really have one, am very eclectic in my tastes.

What is your favourite band of all time? Don’t really have one, am very eclectic in my tastes.

What is the book that made a difference to your life? A bit sad but it is a management book called Change the Culture, Change the Game. It is basically about the way experiences drive beliefs, beliefs drive actions and actions drive results. The key point is, if you want a different result from someone, it’s pointless to directly try to impact their actions; you need to go right back and manage how they experience you / life.

What do you still have from your childhood? A lot, I am a very sentimental person. The other day I came across a throw my grandparents had on their sofa when I was a kid. The memories came flooding back. Every few years, I put boxes of my favourite clothes and toys in the loft. I think my kids will enjoy seeing again when they’re grown-ups.

What is your favourite colour My kids keep asking me that…orange I guess.

Who is your fashion Icon? Don’t really have one.

What does motherhood mean to you? It is everything. But, not the only thing.

What is the lesson your kids have taught you? It’s good to talk about a problem even if you don’t find a solution.

What movie made you cry the most? It’s probably The Boy in The Stripped Pyjamas. I cry at anything to do with children being harmed emotionally or physically

What is the best advice you have ever been given? “You judge yourself by your intentions; others will judge you by your actions”

What advice would you give your 14-year-old self? That is a difficult one since I am a future orientated person. I don’t believe in having regrets. I guess (other than the obvious “buy apple shares”) I would say, don’t bother with people who make you feel bad about yourself. A lesson I learned later in life.

What is the one rule you ignore? I generally prioritise very hard across life so I ignore no end of social expectations. Actual rules I try to follow but there are times when it is better to apologise than ask permission.

What is the one rule your kids ignore?Unfortunately, it’s more than one. My parents were very liberal so I‘ve always had a tendency to let me kids make a lot of decisions for themselves. However, my husband has a far more traditional approach and tells them what to do. Since he is their main carer, I try to follow his approach. But, the kids know they can get away with a lot when it’s just mum.

Do you believe in free will or destiny? Free will. Life is short and you have to own your own destiny.

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