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Carolina Omana Woodall, a British-Venezuelan, is someone I have admired for a very long time. She is a hardworking mother-of-one, and an Instrumentation and Control Engineer for the Oil and Gas industry. Today she talks about life lessons, tattoos and motherhood. Carolina is one of the mums that inspires me to be a better mum myself by the way she juggles her demanding career with her love and dedication to her family.

How did you start your day? Normally give husband a cuddle. Then rush to get ready for work and wake up my daughter to also get her ready for the day. Weekends are more relaxing and try to fit in a quick run early on Sundays. Today I started by checking the phone to see if my husband had sent me a message - as he is away - followed by a beautiful good morning kiss from my daughter .

Last book you read? The Memory Book, by Rowan Coleman.

What lesson has life taught you?
That if you work hard for your dreams and persevere, then you are doing your bit. The other pieces of the jigsaw will fall into place at the right time.

What would a perfect day be for you? A day when there would not be so many reasons to worry so much about my loved ones far from here.

What would you tell your 14 year old self? To stop worrying too much about exam results and enjoy being a teenager more... and convince my parents to let me go to the cinema or have a proper sleepover with my friends!

Who would be the perfect dinner guest? Friends.

What would you cook? Chicken and rice.

If you were a hip-hop star, what would your stage name be? Uhm, I don’t know... I am not sure I like that style of music and can’t see myself as a star either.

What is the one thing you wish you'd known in secondary school? That it is probably some of the sweetest times in life and to enjoy it with less rush and anxiety for growing up quick, because the hard work and responsibility of university and working life was coming too soon.

Favourite app? WhatsApp, simply because it makes me feel very close to my loved ones who are far far from this old continent.

High heels or flats?
High heels definitely.

Best fashion trend of all time? Not sure I have ever followed a fashion trend, I tend to like what I like regardless of the fashion. I love dresses, all dresses, maybe tunic style.

If you were to have a tattoo what and where would it be? Love this question, I would have a tiny heart on one of my cheeks :-O

Best gift you have you have ever received? This question has kept me thinking for a bit, and can’t find anything ‘material’ really. The best gift is having good health for you and your family. My husband wrote a poem for me, at my request, that was (and still is) a wonderful gift.

Best gift you have given? Forgiveness. I am not good at forgetting certain things.

Favourite songs? November Rain (Guns and Roses), Vivir mi Vida (Marc Anthony), Bailando (Enrique Iglesias).

Favourite lyrics? Vivir mi Vida (Marc Anthony) a Spanish one, I can translate for you if you wish!

What do you hope to be doing next year? Living happily! Enjoying every little second I get with my husband and daughter. And of course hoping for freedom and true democracy for the country where I was born - Venezuela.

Best advice you were ever given? I think the best advice (which I have not always followed) is to ensure that, no matter what your day was like, you go to bed feeling happy and at peace.

What does motherhood mean to you? Becoming a mom was a dream I always had since very young, not that I wanted to be a mom early but I always knew and felt I would be a mom and a great one too. I was very happy during my pregnancy and loved my baby, feeling my baby grow each day and her movements were simply magical. Becoming a mom has shown me that love does exist and that it is endless and truly unconditional.

What rule do you ignore? Holding the knife with the right hand. Can’t do it, find it most uncomfortable and have simply given up.

Describe yourself in three words? Sensitive, caring, worrier.

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