More About Our Hand-Loomed Items
I have had a few inquiries about this dress that I shared on Instagram a week or so ago. The cotton of this dress (Like our other leopard print dress) is hand-loomed. This means the cotton is woven by hand. The process of weaving this cotton is artistic, honest and slow. Because this fabric is handwoven, please do not expect it to be as perfect as the machine woven fabric.
I have decided to use this type of fabric because I like how they feel and look. Plus, the art of hand-weaving fabric is dying. Most of the people who hand weave are women and this is my little way of making sure that women (who work mostly from home) are financially independent; something I am passionate about. I must assure you that the women who have woven the cotton used by my brand are paid fairly.
Your hand-loomed cotton has been prewashed. Your item will get better over the coming years. However, you still have to treat them with love as they are loosely woven, but they will stand the test of time.
For this fabric, you have to hand wash in cold water.
Have a wonderful day.
Yvonne x
August 23, 2019 — Yvonne Telford